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Still here, just busy gathering material.

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Dunkin Donuts, and rampant overuse of the word “fiancé” in 1990s romantic comedies.




Bus tickets, BEST Transport Museum, Mumbai 2012


The library at the Oneida Community Mansion House, in Oneida, NY. Serene and utopian, really dreamy – I got to actually stay there recently and spent some nice time reading. The Oneida shared all work collectively, practiced gender equality and complex marriage, and made sturdy flatware. My friend Alexandra knows more details about them than I do.


From the Loreta, the pilgrimage site in Prague, where I was recently a visitor: cherubs with an extracted tooth framing a painting of St. Apollonia.

Apollonia is a martyr and the patron saint of dentistry and toothache-sufferers. Before her death, she was tortured by having all of her teeth pulled out.

Side note: when looking for information on dental cherubs I found the website of one Dr. Cherubini, an orthodontist. I saw all the before and after photos and it looks like he does pretty impressive work.

Flag Day celebration in Troy, NY. The city holds the nation’s largest parade for what’s, truthfully, kind of a second-tier patriotic holiday, sandwiched between Memorial Day and the 4th of July. These ladies looked great.


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